November 1, 2019

Your privacy is very important to us. We therefore comply with the privacy law. This means that your data is safe with us and that we always use it properly. In this privacy statement we explain what we do with your data.

If you have any questions or would like to know what exactly we register about you, please feel free to contact us.

Request form

With the application form you can submit a request to us for uprating your vehicle. When you send this data, it will appear in an online dashboard that is only accessible to employees of WDT Services. The request is only used to make an appointment with you or to answer your question. For this we use your:

  1. Your name and address data
  2. Your vehicle details
  3. Your upgrade request

Due to the permanent nature of changes to vehicle data, the application form data that changes vehicle data is stored indefinitely. All other application form data will be deleted after 10 years.

Providing to other companies or institutions

  1. Maarten Heideman (ICT);
  2. VB Airsuspension;

With the exception of the partners mentioned above, we will not, under any circumstances, give your personal data to other companies or institutions, unless we are legally obliged to do so (for example, if the police requires this in the event of a suspicion of a crime).


We use cookies on this website. Cookies are small files in which we can store information so that you do not repeatedly have to enter it. Or if submission is not successful, not all fields are empty.

A cookie is a simple small file that is sent along with pages from this website and is stored by the browser on the hard drive of your computer.

Functional cookies

We use functional cookies that are necessary for our website to function. For example, we use cookies to remember whether you have given permission to place cookies or to see if you have clicked away a certain message to no longer show it.

Session id cookies

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We use Session ID cookies to be able to maintain the choices you have made during your visit (for example in the application). In addition, the session ID cookie is also used for improved security and form handling. The Session ID cookies are placed by the CMS of our website and deleted after your visit.


Security of personal data is very important to us. We ensure that your data is properly secured with us. We make sure that security settings are on the correct level and pay close attention to what can go wrong.

Changes to this privacy statement

If this website changes, we must of course also adjust the privacy statement. Always pay attention to the date above and check regularly for new versions. We will do our best to announce changes separately.

View, change and delete your data

If you have questions or want to know what personal data we have about you, you can always contact us. See the contact details on our website for this.

You have the following rights:

  • receive an explanation of what personal data we have and what we do with it
  • access to the exact personal data that we have
  • having errors corrected
  • the removal of outdated personal data
  • withdrawal of permission (as far as legally possible)
  • object to a specific use of the data

Please note that you must always clearly state who you are so that we are sure that we will not change or delete data from the wrong person.

To file a complaint

If you believe that we are not helping you in the right way, you have the right to file a complaint with the regulator. This is called the Dutch Data Protection Authority.